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Mission statement:

We stand as a digital meeting ground for all artists - no matter the medium - to showcase their hard work and love for their craft. Focused on local and independent artists, we aim to support those who pursue passion and creativity. Everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight and be part of a community - one that encourages them to bring their talents to the surface. We share artists’ stories, including our own, to inspire and incite curiosity among us all.

What if we like. . . made something?
Art-centered, curiousity-inducing, & unapologetic.



Hello & welcome! Thanks for taking a second to check out Our Friend the Artist! At the end of 2020, two friends wanting to create something fun came together and started ideating. As the weeks and months went by, Our Friend the Artist (OFTA) took shape. As a Market Researcher/Strategist, I’m always trying to figure things and people out. Seeing patterns, identifying shared experiences, and understanding our differences is really what I love to do in both work and play. And art, I think, is one of the best ways to investigate that.



Why hello there! Let me just say that many wonderful things can come from good conversations with friends. Around the end of 2020, I expressed to Jhana that I was at a creative stint. There was a need to get out of my rut and, voila: emerging from the flames is OFTA. Along with working on OFTA, I am also creating jewelry under my brand, mounted makings. The opportunity to utilize both my hands and mind to express my creativity is a blessing. Even, by extension, helps me form a curiousness about the individual experience of the artist. Why don't we find out together?

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