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Buying Things For One Season

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I can’t be the only person who has found satisfaction from the swipe of their credit card at checkout after a successful shopping spree. Or how about memorizing your credit card info by heart when checking out online? That’s more like it in my case this past year. A blessing that has saved me money over the past few years is being abstinent from buying Hallmark holiday-esque clothing pieces.

My buying habits have changed when it comes to buying these whimsical Christmas and Halloween clothing pieces that hit Target hard every year. I’ll admit that the itch to buy a kick-ass Game of Thrones holiday sweater has hit me before. There’s a thrill when it comes to adding something to your cart whether that’s physically or digitally. Justifying the price for a $25 “ugly” Christmas sweater is a no-brainer, but my mind wanders elsewhere when in this battle. I ask myself, “how many times will I wear this?” before purchasing items.

The same goes for theme park merchandise. I remember when I’d go to Disneyland and find the fantastically enticing celebratory anniversary merchandise. From spirit jerseys to shot glasses. Harnessing the memories of a Disney-filled weekend commemorated in a physical object. My mind doesn’t think this way anymore. Instead, I’d rather spend money on experiences, like food or paying extra to see a special exhibit in the theme park.

The nostalgic factor is a strong one when it comes to theme parks and holidays. For example, Old Navy dawns their Fourth of July tees every year. These shirts were a staple in my childhood because they were affordable and accessible. Even though Fourth of July celebrations as a child were enjoyed in these tees, I don’t feel a need to wear or buy them now. Why? Because I’ve grown out of the mindset of buying things for one season - except Halloween because I will rock my favorite season all year round.

A pattern I’ve noticed when I purchase items at either a theme park or hotel resort is that I’d usually wear that item for a few weeks after I get it and then never again. Though I'm happy to say, it has been about five years since I’ve bought a commemorative souvenir-type piece of apparel at a theme park. Now, when thinking about the times I was at a theme park, the merchandise purchases I've made don't come up. What I do remember are memories of the fun I had on the rides and the interesting conversations I had with friends while waiting in line - not the material items.

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