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A Take on Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

I'm a sucker for getting sucked into a black hole when it comes to the incoming fashion trends. The ongoing debates I have with myself in my head as I scroll on Vogue, Pinterest, and even my IG explore page means that I'm opening tons of tabs. During this exploration period, I'm writing down in my phone ‘Notes’ what to hunt for out in the wild and by wild, I mean thrift stores. You bet that I'm also casually shopping online and hitting up vintage markets/sellers.

As someone who would say that my fashion choices portray my mood and personality, I took a hard look at the Spring/Summer 2022 runway looks and rounded out my top five to reflect them. These top five choices are what I’d call practical because I’d incorporate the trends in my closet in some way. Although some may be more out of my comfort zone, I’d take on the challenge for the fun of it.

Here are my five top trends for Spring-Summer 2022 that I have crushes on and might even partake in this season:

Fun with Fringe: There’s a fine balance from sporting full-on fringe to incorporating more “tamed” accessories. Chloe’s spring/summer 2022 runway featured fun fringed dresses, earthy colors, and funky silhouettes. I can see myself with a fun purse or skirt for this upcoming summer to start off with.

Chicago designers/vintage sellers/small shops:

Y2K black suede fringe skirt sold by @lostgirlsvintage | $58

Y2K denim & suede fringe handbag sold by @lostgirlsvintage | $38

Vintage 80s tan suede fringe jacket & skirt set by Lariat Leathers sold by @sticksandstonecold on Depop | On sale for $138.75

Bespoke Leather Jacket sold by @byhoot | On sale for $200

Going Big: Zimmermann’s runway had floor-sweeping dresses and sleek silhouettes. The featured maxi hemlines give an ethereal yet bold feel. Maxi hemlines are here, but are they here to stay? We’re talking long skirts paired with skin-showing tops with dresses beautifully sweeping the floor.

Chicago designers/vintage sellers/small shops:

Midi Pannier Dress by @yellowcakeshop | $194

1960s brocade gown sold by | $88

Poly dress set sold by | $128

Drapes: Simone Rocha’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway was filled with the colors lavender and midnight black. The outfits were layered with many textures, which I appreciate. Instead of the ancient Greek-inspired silhouettes, designers have taken an elevated modern look that enhances clinging fabrics to parts of the body. I usually go towards midi or mini cuts when it comes to skirts or dresses because I like to show my legs. Although, I feel that I can play up and have fun with a see-through maxi skirt or dress this season.

Chicago designers/vintage sellers/small shops:

Bounce bag by @roomshop sold at @lostgirlsvintage | $76

1980s Lilac Backless Gown sold at @lostgirlsvintage | $68

1980s Magenta Asymmetrical Sequin Dress sold at @lostgirlsvintage | $148

Extreme Layering: This is the trend I’m most excited to try out. I adore mixing textures during Fall/Winter but will have fun incorporating my printed light long sleeves with strappy camisoles. Jacquemus had bralettes over button-down tops and I’m here for it. It gives inspiration to further expand the use of one’s undergarments beyond just being that - undergarments.

Chicago designers/vintage sellers/small shops:

A stunning hand drawn piece by @noon_c_i available at @tuskchicago

Vintage 80s Halston Pussybow Blouse sold by @sticksandstonecold on DePop | $58

Orange sheer printed blouse by Carole Tomkins sold y @girlundecided.vtg on Depop | On sale for $30.80

Mini(s): Miu Miu featured teeny-tiny skirts and tops that showed very little fabric. We’re throwing it back to the early 2000s mini skirts that give Paris Hilton vibes. I’m not the biggest fan of the low-cut bottoms (because high-waist is so comforting to me), but I am all-in when it comes to the mini dresses. The shortness of the dress compliments my body proportions of short legs and a tall torso.

Chicago designers/vintage sellers/small shops:

2-piece custom set by @jwill.madeit | DM them on Instagram | $120

80s black dress shirt by Mondo di Marco sold by @girlundecided.vtg on Depop | On sale for $7

Cropped taupe lapel bolero blazer sold by @untethered_threads on Etsy | $32

Trends come and go, as those of us over twenty have experienced. However, I have no interest in re-exploring things like low-rise pants and mini skirts. I do enjoy that other people are having fun with that trend though - it’s just not for me anymore. I guess that’s something that I’ve come to realize for a while now: trends are marketed towards mass consumers. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy what’s popular in fashion because as long as you’re having fun, that’s what counts.

Edited by: Ariana Jenkins

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